Setting Up An Orton-Gillingham Classroom

Every classroom is already an Orton-Gillingham classroom, because every classroom is language based.  The key is to enable the student to “see” how language develops from the consonants and vowels, all the way to the comprehension of fiction and non-fiction passages.  The student will be able to “see” how written expression develops from the noun and verb, all the way to the writing of the research paper.

The classroom belongs to the students.  Every wall and bulletin board should convey to the students how language develops.  As they participate in classroom lessons or complete assignments independently, they are constantly exposed to the language they need to become proficient readers, writers, and mathematicians.

So welcome to the Orton-Gillingham classroom, every student’s classroom!

We will begin with the elementary Orton-Gillingham classroom.

The door to the Orton-Gillingham Classroom is now open!

Come on in!